19 FOODS of Bangalore Famous Sweets

has many varieties of food. I’m giving the list of places which has very tasty food 🙂 I will start with sweets!

It is definitely Mysurupak (“pak” here means “paka” – the sugar syrup) originated at the time of Mysuru Maharajas – The Odeyars (wrongly spelt as Wadeyars earlier). The sweet is made of besan (gram floor), home made Ghee (butter oil) and sugar. The true sweet just dissolves in your mouth as you start tasting it. Happy and Good Times to all!


Halbai is an exotic and a unique delicacy; its softy-slimy consistency makes it one of the unusual sweets. It is a famous sweet from the regions of Mysore and Bengaluru. It is made out of rice, jaggery, ragiand coconut which gives a smooth texture. ‘Halu’ means milk, the sweet has a milky taste.

Let me introduce you to one of the native sweets of Bengaluru loved here

It is Dumrot – available in only selective places in the city
Sri Ram Vilas Sweets / Gundappa Sweets
VB Bakery
Sri Venkateshwara Sweets

Dumrot is made from pumpkin and it is tasty sweet

So here is a list

  1. Holige . This is a flat round sweet made of flour, lentils and jaggery called Bele holige. There are also variants with coconut and jaggery called kayi holige. Rave holige etc. Best place to try this is on Food Street.
  2. Mysore Pak. This is a sweet made of gran flour, ghee and sugar. Tastes heavenly. Best place to try is Venkateshwara sweets
  3. Kesari bath is made of rava and ghee and is a breakfast favorite along with upma. Many darshinis make good kesari bath
  4. Badam halwa is made of badam and ghee and this is my favourite. A must try in Udupi Krishna bhavan in Chikpet or Gandhi bazaar
  5. Atirasa . A deep fried sweet made of rice and jaggery. I’ve always eaten this at home. So can’t recommend a place to try
  6. Sajjappa. Another deep fried sweet made of flour , coconut and jaggery. Again my mom makes this best:)
  7. Rave laadoo, boondi laadoo
  8. Puri unde which is puffed rice, jaggery and peanuts… yellu unde made of sesame seeds and jaggery

Do have an affinity toward sweets and savouries. Does your sweet tooth crave for delicate recipes? Then let me take you to a journey where you could enjoy the delicate taste of diverse sweets and savouries. Let’s take this opportunity to relish in the world of sweets and savouries.

Hop on let’s go on a roller coaster, an expedition filled with dripping badam milk and spicy namkeens.

Every special occasion that we come across is marked with the presence of lip-smacking sweet delicacies. Even confectioneries have stepped up to a hangout/ get-together place for people to share their experience with a pinch of sweetness.

As the thought of a confectionery slips my mind. A lot of memories start to run in. Those wonderful days I spent at the packed sweet shop “Asha Sweet Center”. Such amazing days. Most evenings I sneak into the confectionery just to enjoy the Kachori. The spicy one always invited me. In a troublesome childhood that’s one memory, I could cling on to. That too just for an evening snack. I don’t want to limit it just to Asha Sweet Center, Bangalore. I had the opportunity to explore every nook and corner of Bangalore. Roaming and exploring all the sweet centres in Bangalore. Think the perks of being a locality.

I did research around these sweet centres and found a few information. I will mention it down so that it will be helpful for you.

As Asha Sweets is one of my favourites I will start with this one.

**Asha Sweet Center  My Choice to Buy Sweets and Savouries **

Asha Sweet Center was started in 1951. God, that’s a long legacy to claim. The Sweets and savouries of this confectionery are well acclaimed over time and have also found its spot on reputed magazines. Asha Sweet Center was started as a small sweet shop in Malleshwaram and now claims to have around 10 outlets. Bet if you are a Bangalorean then you would have come across one of Asha Sweet Center’s sweet shop.

Top Sweets and Savouries of Asha Sweet Center, Bangalore

I could never forget the excitement and the experience when I tried that Badam Milk. It tasted divine. One sip and I was addicted for a lifetime. Also, I used to try different Barfis. All of those barfis come with their own uniqueness. The “Dry Fruit Barfi” is my favourite. Yummy!!

Kanti Sweets

Kanti Sweets happened to be my next favourite spot. This confectionery is most famous for its delicate collection of cookies/ biscuits/ sticks. I happened to stumble across this sweet shop on my hunt to find tasty cookies for a family get-together. The ragi biscuit struck me as something unique. If you are in Bangalore you should try it.

My top picks will be the Almond Biscuits and the Dry Fruit Biscuits. I simply enjoyed having those as my evening snack. The Almond biscuits with the Tea makes the evening special.

G Pulla Reddy Sweets

As the name sounds a bit traditional. So does the sweet shop. The sweet business was started in 1948 by Mr Pulla Reddy. In the initial days, the sweets are sold off a pushcart. Indeed a humble start. In Bangalore alone, they have around 4 stores. This is one place in Banglore where you could find the best Andhra Special Sweets.

My favourite is their Mothichoor laddu.


A2B is famous for its pure vegetarian food along with the diverse sweets and snacks it serves. Initially, it was the vegetarian restaurant that attracted me. Later on, I started the habit of picking up a sweet delicacy after a meal. A2B was the best spot for it.

At A2B you will get an opportunity to enjoy the south indian vegetarian meal and a wide variety of sweet delicacies.

K C Das

Rossogolla, the spongy ball made with chena or curd cheese and soaked in sugar syrup is a popular sweet delicacy in India. Their rassogolla is mouthwatering. I used to buy the caned rassogolla and stock it.


A Hyderabad base sweet shop. As mentioned on their website, I believe it was the appetizing aroma of cakes and pastries that welcomed me to the confectionery.